Birmingham - city of business and difficult SEO

City of a thousand trades

Birmingham is the second most populous city in United Kingdom. It has over one million of people living in it. It has many nicknames which say a lot about Birmingham. City of a thousand trades tell a lot about density of traders, today know as businessmen and companies. It is also called workshop of the word and Venice of the north. All these nicknames are given to the Birmingham with good reason. Wide extended network of businesses obviously have origin back in centuries ago. Today it is the place of over 60 000 companies, and to show you how much is that, I will give you another information. There are almost 90 companies per 1000 people, yes it sounds a lot, and it is indeed. That’s one of the reasons why is SEO in Birmingham so difficult.

Birmingham this, Birmingham that

If you are familiar with SEO you are going to get the point of this subtitle. If you are not, then google it first. There are too many companies with their location in name. It is so common to read name of some mall with Birmingham on it end. That’s why for good SEO in Birmingham you need more than ordinary tricks and keywords. You need really good plan and strategy in order to make your websites visible to wide audience.

You have to compete with so old companies

Business in Birmingham has its own tradition; there are too many old and famous companies, which already have built their names. It is not easy to break through in the sea of those giants. You have to work really hard for it and good SEO is mandatory. Without SEO you are like fish on land, sooner or later you are going to be extinct.